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Every Golfer wants to be proud of their own course, make sure you are a help to your green staff and not a hindrance

Repairing a pitch mark on a green takes seconds, but can save weeks of healing to the turf. It’s an important thing to do for the course, and for the golfers who follow you.

A pitch mark can cause the grass in the depression to die, leaving not only a scar but also a pit in the putting surface that can knock well-struck putts offline. Repairing a pitch mark restores a smooth surface and helps keep the grass healthy. But “repairing” a pitch mark incorrectly can actually cause more damage than not attempting to repair it at all. This is where the GREENSTICK come in to play. The greenstick helps golfers make sure that they are repairing a pitch mark correctly; with specially designed tool the greenstick promotes a clean repair minimizing the chances of affecting the green.

Many golfers struggle to repair their pitch marks because of a back problems but with the greenstick it helps those golfers by being extendible so the golfer does not have to bend down to repair their pitch mark.

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Greenstick divot tool

Maintaining the quality of the golf course for the enjoyment of all is good golfing etiquette, especially in winter as courses become more vulnerable to the elements. Looking after your golf course in the winter is largely  matter of common sense and preparation.


  1. If you can carry your clubs instead of using a trolley (especially electric trollies which are heavy) then please do so.

  2. Stick to the paths provided. Do not take shortcuts across soft ground and if you do have to use a trolley or buggy then please keep them at least 5m from the putting surfaces.

  3. Do not walk onto tees or greens unless you are playing on them.

  4. Observe cart rules. Some courses will post “cart path only” signs; others will ask you to observe the “90-degree rule.” Do as you are told.

  5. Observe ropes and other directional instructions installed by the green staff – they are there for a reason.

  6. Ensure your shoes are in appropriate condition for winter golf, i.e. soft spikes in good order.

  7. Be careful not to damage the edge of the hole when removing your ball – this is very bad manners as it is directly detrimental to the enjoyment of your fellow players.

  8. Repair your divots in the fairway – they can take longer to heal in the winter!

  9. Repair your ball marks on the green.

  10. Always rake sand bunkers after hitting to erase your footprints and damage to the area where your ball was.

  11. Avoid taking a divot on a practice swing.


For the senior golfer or the less mobile golfer observing course etiquette can prove more of a challenge as bending to repair ball and pitch marks can be difficult. This is where the design of the ‘Greenstick’ can assist the less agile golfer. Repairing pitch marks is excellent golfing etiquette and is essential in order to maintain a smooth, true putting surface and The Greenstick makes this easy for the less agile but considerate golfer. Now available to buy on-line visit

We have all heard the stories about business and golf, how business golf can be the difference between success and failure for many UK businesses. Why is golf so attractive to business owners? Firstly it doesn’t matter what age you are you can play golf, secondly the handicap system allows people of different abilities to play against each other for a fair and interesting game no matter the skill level of the individual. Thirdly, compared to other sports you actually only spend a relatively small amount of time hitting the ball, giving you plenty of time for conversation, building relationships and getting to know the person.

Richard Brown golf course shot

“When you do business with people, you need to know more about them,” says Mr Small. Golf rewards players who remain calm under pressure, never lose their temper and think strategically. These are all virtues in business, too.


Is the value of golf to business just heresy or can you put a financial figure on the contribution of golf to business? Stanford University in the US conducted a study:

According to the researchers at Stanford (one of the most prominent colleges in the US), during 2005, golf contributed an astronomical $195 billion to the US economy, both directly and indirectly.


The study doesn’t directly measure the amount of business deals actually stuck on the golf course but it does give a good indication of the value of golf to the economy, assuming we in the UK aren’t too far behind our US friends!

Playing a round of Golf will certainly help to build relationships and trust, which is extremely important in business. People buy people, business is not usually done with someone you do not like or respect. Perhaps the qualities people look for in business can be reflected on the golf course:

“Remember that more often than not, people make investments in people. A round of golf is a great time to demonstrate you are a smart, competent, and likeable person. If you are a thoughtful golfer who engages in good conversation on the course, you will increase your chances for closing a deal.”


Playing a round of golf with potential clients can further your business relationships but remember to be on your best behaviour! Follow the rules of the game (no one will refer business to a cheat), follow the etiquette of the game like repairing divots, don’t do the hard sell, you are there to build a relationship! Have a healthy attitude to competition; do not throw you clubs if a shot doesn’t go well!

What are your tips for business golf?


Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas for golfers? If yes, you have come to the right place below is our top gift ideas for the golfer! Hopefully your looking for something a bit different from the standard set of golf balls! We have tried to compile a list that is both useful and slightly unusual.


1. Greenstick Golfing must have golfing accessory  for 2014! 

Perhaps not surprisingly in the number one spot is the Greenstick! Designed by Richard Brown (Class AA PGA Golf Professional and Qualified Coach). The Greenstick was born out of the desire to help the senior golfer and the golfer with spinal problems and lack of mobility enjoy the sport and participate fully in the preservation of their green by the correct and simple repair of their pitch marks using The Greenstick. For both men and women, available in 4 colours, this is a must have in every golfers kit!

Features include:

  • The Pitchfork (or Divot Tool)
  • Telescopic Shaft with Twist-Lock Mechanism
  • Golf Ball Pick-Up Cup
  • Comfort-Grip Handle
  • Mounted Flex-Clip
  • Colours: Tour-Bright Pink, Clubhouse Blue, Ever Green, Pro-lite White

Read more about the technical features of the Greenstick here.

To purchase your Greenstick Call us on 01270 877432

2. Custom golfer bobbleheadCustom bobblehead golf gift

If your looking for a personalised gift this has to be a contender! The gifter submits photos of the giftee and color suggestions for the clothing to have a bobblehead created with stunning life-like accuracy. This gift will look great next to his/her golf trophies or on his/her desk. They can send you a proof before hand to approve and they ship world wide.

Visit for more information.


3. Miniature Golf Club Pens Gift Set

Great for a stocking filler! “A novelty set of 3 detailed ballpoint pens in the shape of golf clubs, especially designed for desk bound golfers. The rolling hills of your favourite course are never far away when you place this playful pen set on your desk. An ideal gift for this Christmas.”

For more information visit


4. PGA Tour Gadget Desktop Golf Bag and Pen Gift Set

Another pen set but who can have to many pens! This will look great on the avid golfers desk and won’t break the bank! Includes:golf bag pen set

  • PGA TOUR branded model golf bag & cart pen holder
  • Set of 3 golf club ballpoint pens: Driver – red ink, Iron – black ink and Putter – blue ink
  • Perfect stationary set for any golfer
  • Luxury removable golf bag
  • Mini folding steel golf trolley

Visit the website for more details


5. 501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot 

Another great little stocking filler! “This hilarious books is an absolute must for any golfer. And you need not be a golf enthuasist to enjoy this book. It makes a great gift for any golfer, and is a must for every golf bag!”

Visit the website for a preview of the book


6. Garmin Approach S1W Golf Watch

If your looking to spend a bit more this Christmas this is a great piece of kit for the avid golfer.

golf watch Christmas ideas

Ideal for helping golf enthusiasts improve their game, the Garmin Approach S1 watch combines golf GPS abilities with a durable lightweight sports watch. The GPS receiver is highly sensitive so it’ll give you distance information to the front, back and middle of the green for over 7,000 preloaded European golf courses.

You’ll be able to monitor your golf game closely on the S1 watch, allowing you to improve each time you go out. This innovative watch can not only tell you the distance of individual shots, but how far you’ve walked throughout your time out on the course.

Visit the website for more information


We hope the above list has given you some Christmas gift ideas!



If your Christmas shopping list includes a golfer, you are lucky because it gives you a big head start – you know you can get them something golf related. But many golfers are very particular about their clubs and putters, a set of golf balls just isn’t exciting enough so what is the perfect Christmas gift for the senior golfer? Any golfing gift which will assist the senior golfer to enjoy the game has to be a winner!

The Greenstick is the perfect Christmas Gift!Greenstick pitch fork - ball mark repair tool

Greenstick is the perfect Christmas gift for the senior golfer, not only is it going to be the must have golf accessory for 2014, it also helps the senior golfer enjoy the golf course!

The Greenstick was born out of the desire to help the senior golfer and the golfer with spinal problems and lack of mobility enjoy the sport and participate fully in the preservation of their green by the correct and simple repair of their pitch marks using The Greenstick.

Every golfer wants to be able to take pride in the condition of their home course but using a traditional pitch mark repairer can be difficult and needlessly time consuming for the less agile golfer. Repairing pitchmarks is excellent golfing etiquette and is essential in order to maintain a smooth, true putting surface and The Greenstick makes this easy for the less agile but considerate golfer.

Features include:

  • The Pitchfork (or Divot Tool)
  • Telescopic Shaft with Twist-Lock Mechanism
  • Golf Ball Pick-Up Cup
  • Comfort-Grip Handle
  • Mounted Flex-Clip
  • Colours: Tour-Bright Pink, Clubhouse Blue, Ever Green, Pro-lite White

Read more about the technical features of the Greenstick here.

To purchase your Greenstick Call us on 01270 877432

Frankly there is a lot of hype and gimmicks in the golf marketplace, the Greenstick isn’t one of them. This is truly a thoughtful gift which any considerate golfer will appreciate. If you have any questions please contact us on the number above. The Greenstick will be available to purchase online soon!


The Greenstick Golf aid for disabled and senior golfers

Golf should be a sport that is enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, gender and physical ability. The Greenstick was born from a desire to help the senior golfer and the golfer with spinal problems and/or lack of mobility through disability.

disabled golfer

Image credit:

There is no reason why the sport should not be enjoyed by all, including those with disabilities. There are many organisations for disabled golfers throughout the world offering opportunities for disabled athletes to learn the game, to play and to compete


Disabled Golf Organisations in the UK.

The Disabled Golf Society:

“The Disabled Golf Association aim is to bring together all disabled golfers, irrespective of gender, age or ability, and help them enjoy golf on a level playing field, or in our case a level golf course!”

England Golf:

England Golf contributes towards the development of the England Golf Partnership’s strategy to address the issues of equity, equality and inclusion of disabled people, within golf. We are committed in supporting the implementation of the Whole Sport Plan, taking into account the wide range of issues that affect disabled people, with the ultimate aim that more people are encouraged to play golf and are better represented within the game.

British Disabled Golf:

The Launch of British Disabled Golf took place at Acanthus Golf Centre on August 3rd 2012. It was an open day where disabled and  able-bodied golfers could play alongside each other as and when they wanted.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews:

The R&A and the USGA have produced A Modification of the Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities. This publication contains advice and permissible modifications to the Rules and they provide a means by which disabled golfers may play equitably with able-bodied golfers or golfers with other types of disabilities.

The rules can be downloaded at the website here .

How the Greenstick golfing accessory can help the disabled golfer.

Depending on the disability the Greenstick can help the disabled golfer to look after the green and avoid unnecessary bending to repair pitch marks, impact marks and pick up golf balls.

Greenstick Features

1. The Greenstick has an adjustable telescopic shaft. This ensures that the considerate golfer can make swift and accomplished repairs to any ball marks on the green without bending.

2. With your Greenstick, you can pick up your golf ball from the green or the cup without stooping, and with little or no bending of your back.

3. It is precision engineered to pick up your golf ball in one easy motion.

4. The Greenstick has an ergonomically shaped comfort-grip handle, is responsive, and offers great control in all weather conditions.

5. The Greenstick is designed to fit onto the outside of your golf bag making it easily accessible when you need it.




Golf has many health benefits both physically and mentally so if you enjoy playing golf there is no reason to stop in your senior years. But the senior golfer may have some challenges to overcome or adjust to as the years keep on rolling by!  If you play for competition, social interaction or exercise there are steps you can take to keep your game at the top level.Richard Brown Golfer PGA professional Cheshire UK

Senior Golfers must warm up!

Every golfer should warm up before a game no matter what the age but for the senior golfer to avoid injury its vital. Take a short brisk walk to increase the heart rate and take a few practice shots on the range so you are fully stretched and ready before you get on the course.


In very simple terms, as we age our posture changes. We become more curved in the upper part of our back, detrition often occurs in our spine, we can be carrying a bit of extra weight around our tummy and our leg muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be.

Simple strength and stretching programmes you can do off the golf course will help you to open up the muscles in your chest and shoulder area. Ask your physiotherapist for more information.

Strength and Flexibility

Advancing years can affect our strength and flexibility, distance and accuracy inevitably suffer. A good exercise routine will keep you as fit and strong as possible as well as adjusting your game to the body you have now, not the one you used to have. It could just take minor tweaks such as a simple change in foot position to make your hips turn move easily through the ball. Speak to your local PGA professional who will be able to advise on the correct adjustments for you.


As your body changes so should your golfing equipment. There is a wide range of equipment on the market designed for the senior golfer. The Greenstick featured on the website was designed with the senior golfer in mind allowing him/her to repair ball marks and retrieve golf balls without having to bend over. There are a wide range of clubs like high launch drivers and hybrids that have allowed much more forgiveness and helped increase distances hit compared to older clubs. Again speak to your local PGA professional who can advise on the correct equipment.


A good tip below in the video explains how adjusting your grip on the club can create greater leverage when our movement is restricted.


Making tiny adjustments in your game, seek the correct advice from the professionals and buying the correct equipment can see you enjoying the golf course for many years to come, no matter what your age!

Greenstick divot tool

Practical, functional and innovative, The Greenstick has undergone rigorous testing and has been manufactured to the very highest standards. Its the must have golf accessory for the considerate golfer who wants to look after the golf course.

The Pitch Fork or Divot toolClose up of the Ball mark repair tool or pitch fork on the greenstick

This two pronged professional pitchfork has been specially designed to effortlessly repair any impact damage to the putting green caused by the golf ball’s landing. Ball marks or pitch marks are the bane of smooth putting surfaces and healthy greens on golf courses all over the world. Avoiding making ball marks is impossible but the considerate golfer must always look to repair these depressions often made when the ball descends from the sky onto the green.

Repairing ball marks isn’t just good golfing etiquette, it’s our obligation as golfers to look after the golf course, so if you have the time repair not just your ball marks but anymore that you spot, even if they are not yours!

A ball mark repair tool or pitchfork is an essential piece of kit for every golfer, traditionally these are hand held tools. The challenge for the senior golfer is of course bending down. The adjustable telescopic shaft on the Greenstick ensures that the considerate golfer can make swift and accomplished repairs to any ball marks on the green and pick up their golf ball, without the need to bend down or stoop over.

Greenstick pitch fork - ball mark repair tool

How to repair Ball Marks or Pitch Marks

There is a right and a wrong way to repair ball/pitch marks on the green. Its important that you insert the prongs at the edge of the depression made by the ball not the centre! Insert the prongs at the edge of the depression working your way around using a gentle twisting motion. Many golfers make the mistake of inserting the prongs at an angle and ‘lifting up’ the centre of the depression, unfortunately the only thing you will achieve using this action is to rip up the grass roots, killing the grass.  Use the prongs to push grass at the edge of the depression toward the centre. When you have worked your way around the rim of the depression, pushing the grass towards the centre, gently tamp down the repaired ball mark with your putter or foot to smooth the putting surface.

With adjustable handle on the Greenstick you can extend the tool making it perfect for your height, avoiding any unnecessary bending over.

After many months of planning we have launched our new website!

The home of the ‘Greenstick’ – the new, must have, golf accessory for the senior golfer. The Greenstick was born out of the desire to help the senior golfer and the golfer with spinal problems and lack of mobility enjoy the sport and participate fully in the preservation of their green.

As well as featuring the Greenstick the website will be bringing you golf news, golf hints and tips to improve your game and an online shop which will allow you to order the Greenstick online and other golfing accessories necessary for the senior golfer’s game.

Improvements and additions will continue to be added over the coming months but we are excited to be online and look forward to developing our online presence!

You can also follow us on twitter @seniorgolfuk and facebook

Richard Brown Class AA PGA Golf Professional and Qualified Coach designed the Greenstick:

Richard is the head professional at Alsager Golf and Country Club in South Cheshire where he provides an excellent teaching service using progressive techniques, to pupils of all ages and levels, from County Players to Beginners. With 30 years golfing experience, his understanding of the wider issues relating to the coaching process including the biomechanics of the golf swing, psychology, fitness and nutrition, combined with his patient approach, make him a popular asset to the club.  READ MORE

The Latest Product to hit the amazing world of golf is The Greenstick.