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Every Golfer wants to be proud of their own course, make sure you are a help to your green staff and not a hindrance

Repairing a pitch mark on a green takes seconds, but can save weeks of healing to the turf. It’s an important thing to do for the course, and for the golfers who follow you.

A pitch mark can cause the grass in the depression to die, leaving not only a scar but also a pit in the putting surface that can knock well-struck putts offline. Repairing a pitch mark restores a smooth surface and helps keep the grass healthy. But “repairing” a pitch mark incorrectly can actually cause more damage than not attempting to repair it at all. This is where the GREENSTICK come in to play. The greenstick helps golfers make sure that they are repairing a pitch mark correctly; with specially designed tool the greenstick promotes a clean repair minimizing the chances of affecting the green.

Many golfers struggle to repair their pitch marks because of a back problems but with the greenstick it helps those golfers by being extendible so the golfer does not have to bend down to repair their pitch mark.

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