Introducing The Greenstick
Introducing The Greenstick

The Greenstick – Designed and developed by a professional golfer,
this innovative tool features a green-friendly pitchfork at the base
of its high tensile steel telescopic shaft, enabling a swift and
immaculate repair to the green.

Available in 4 colours
Available in 4 colours

The Greenstick is a must-have; available in
four high-visibility colours, this multi-purpose
golf accessory combines practicality and strength.
Manufactured using only the highest quality materials
the telescopic shaft is easy to use and strong enough
to offer support while walking the course.

The custom-made pitchfork repairs any ball marks or
divots effortlessly; while the suction cup scoops up
your golf ball in one easy motion

For the senior golfer
For the senior golfer

Perfect for the less agile golfer, The Greenstick’s telescopic
shaft extends with one easy twist; the green-friendly
pitchfork at the base has been specifically designed to repair
your golf ball’s impact mark perfectly, while the suction cup
at the top allows easy retrieval of your golf ball without the
need to bend down.

Lightweight design
Lightweight design

Lightweight and designed with the considerate
golfer in mind, The Greenstick makes light work
of properly repairing those inevitable impact ball
marks on the green. Depending on the velocity of
the ball and the effect the preceding day’s weather
has had on the green, this can vary from a small
dent to considerable damage. Respect your putting
green by using The Greenstick.

No more stooping
No more stooping

With The Greenstick you can enjoy your game
without having to stoop. When you’ve landed
that elegant shot straight onto the green, savour
the moment while adjusting The Greenstick’s unique
telescopic shaft to the right height, allowing you to
simply repair your pitchmark whilst standing, perhaps
contemplating your next winning shot.

Be kind to your greens
Be kind to your greens

Repair your impact damage to the green correctly using
The Greenstick and the grass will recover completely within
24 hours, leave it unattended or inadvertently damage the
grass roots with a bad repair and the resulting brown
spot will be visible for up to three weeks.


With the unique design of the green friendly pitchfork the greenstick is a freestanding pitch mark repairing tool. No damage will occur to the putting surface when in use.

The Bag Clip
The Bag Clip

The strong robust design of the bag clip enables the Greenstick to be securely anchored to any golf bag. This enables free and easy access when in use.

The Greenstick was born out of the desire to help the senior golfer and the golfer with spinal problems and lack of mobility enjoy the sport and participate fully in the preservation of their green by the correct and simple repair of their pitchmarks using The Greenstick.

Every golfer wants to be able to take pride in the condition of their home course but using a traditional pitchmark repairer can be difficult and needlessly time consuming for the less agile golfer.  Repairing pitchmarks is excellent golfing etiquette and is essential in order to maintain a smooth, true putting surface and The Greenstick makes this easy for the less agile but considerate golfer.

There’s a well-known saying in Golf: “Look after your course and your course will look after you!”

See more amazing technical facts about the greenstick:

The adjustable telescopic shaft ensures that the considerate golfer can make swift and accomplished repairs to any ball marks on the green and pick up their golf ball.

Precision engineered to pick up your golf ball in one easy motion.

Ergonomically shaped, the comfort-grip handle is responsive, offering great control of The Greenstick in all weather conditions.

The Greenstick is designed to fit onto the outside of your golf bag making it easily accessible when you need it.


Tour-Bright Pink, Clubhouse Blue, Ever Green, Pro-lite White


Weight 298g, Compact length 60cm / 23½“, Length when fully extended 95.4cm / 37 ½”

The Greenstick - The must have golf gadget for 2019
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