Technical Specifications

Practical, functional and innovative, The Greenstick has undergone rigorous testing and has been manufactured to the very highest standards. Following its initial inception and production of the first prototypes, The Greenstick’s design has continually evolved and improved, modifications have been made along the way to ensure that this final version is the best golfing accessory it can be.


the greenstick pitch fork
The Pitchfork (or Divot Tool)
This two pronged professional pitchfork has been specially designed to effortlessly repair any impact damage to the putting green caused by the golf ball’s landing. Made from durable high-density materials, the prongs of this pitchfork have been optimised to work most effectively with the elevated action of the standing golfer.
Telescopic Shaft with Twist-Lock Mechanism
The adjustable telescopic shaft ensures that the considerate golfer can make swift and accomplished repairs to any ball marks on the green and pick up their golf ball, without the need to bend down or stoop over. One easy twist action releases the extension, while the twist-lock mechanism enables you to fix the length of the shaft to suit your individual requirements.
Golf Ball Pick-Up Cup
Precision engineered to pick up your golf ball in one easy motion, this flexible cup then releases the golf ball into your hand with one simple squeeze. Whether retrieving your golf ball from the hole or the less inspiring rough, The Greenstick ensures your back doesn’t take the strain.


Comfort-Grip Handle
Ergonomically shaped, the comfort-grip handle is responsive, offering great control of The Greenstick in all weather conditions.
Mounted Flex-Clip
The Greenstick is designed to fit onto the outside of your golf bag making it easily accessible when you need it. Its unique Flex-Clip is mounted off the shaft allowing a secure fit onto all good golf bags. Perfectly balanced The Greenstick can also be free-standing when the pitchfork is inserted into the grass.

Weight 298g
Compact length 60cm / 23½“
Length when fully extended 95.4cm / 37 ½”. These design specifications may vary slightly due to manufacture=ing tolerances.


Tour-Bright Pink
Clubhouse Blue
Ever Green
Pro-lite White



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