Design and Development


The Greenstick was born out of the desire to help the senior golfer and the golfer with spinal problems and lack of mobility enjoy the sport and participate fully in the preservation of their green by the correct and simple repair of their pitch marks using The Greenstick.

the greenstick

Every golfer wants to be able to take pride in the condition of their home course but using a traditional pitch mark repairer can be difficult and needlessly time consuming for the less agile golfer. Repairing pitchmarks is excellent golfing etiquette and is essential in order to maintain a smooth, true putting surface and The Greenstick makes this easy for the less agile but considerate golfer. There’s a well-known saying in Golf:“Look after your course and your course will look after you!”

The Greenstick Design Team

Richard Brown –
Class AA PGA Golf Professional and Qualified Coach
Bruce Johnson –
Architectural Technologist

Having identified the need for a piece of golfing equipment designed specifically to allow the senior golfer to repair pitchmarks with ease and without the need to stoop, we started the journey which would lead us to the development of The Greenstick.

Stage 1 – Anthropometric data was collated to discover the optimum dimensions for The Greenstick

Stage 2 – Manufacture of the prototype for testing

Stage 3 – Extensive research and testing, in conjunction with the design team at UK manufacturers Sarka Tools, led to the redesign of The Greenstick to achieve maximum strength, durability and functionality.

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